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Hawaiian Island Shine Wheel Cleaner 23oz

Hawaiian Island Shine Wheel Cleaner 23oz

Now available to the Mainland United States is the best kept secret of the Hawaiian Islands to protect your vehicle from the bumper to bumper, inside and out.  With a proven line of quality car care products that will protect your vehicle and keep it looking like new for years to come. Just think if this line of products can have this outcome in a harsh saltwater environment with a diverse terrain like the Islands of Polynesia, just think how it will protect your vehicle in the mainland United States. 

A Must have for any Enthusiast, from simply heading out for that next meet, to shining up for that next big Show event this is a must have!

Product Description: Wheel cleaner is a non-acidic cleaner, safe for cleaning high-end rims. Will remove Brake-Dust.

Directions: Wet Rim/Tire with water. Spray on Wheel cleaner to all 4 tires. Use a stiff short bristle brush to scrub the tires and a soft long bristle brush or wash glove on the rims. Rinse off residue with water.

Detailer's Tip: Use a Short Stiff brush on the Tire/Rubber. Use a Long soft bristle brush on the Rim or a Rag. Different surface requires a different tool.